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Sassy Woof

Sassy Woof is an E-commerce Retailer Focusing on Affordable Modern Dog Accessories & Apparel. I've had the pleasant experience of handling any and all graphic and design needs for the company. Please browse some of the projects below we were able to create together.


Packaging Rebranding

Being an E-commerce platform, Sassy Woof takes pride in shipping all our products from our office, located outside of DC in Northern Virginia. Orders are met at a high demand, shipping over 1000 orders every weekday. I wanted to provide that first moment of excitement that is met when receiving a package. 

The whole packaging rebranding included small and medium poly mailers, 5 new postcards, stickers, tissue paper, and small and medium mailing boxes. 


Pattern Design

I have had the amazing opportunity to design a collection for Sassy Woof titled "A Latte Pupkin".
The theme was Pumpkin Spice for the fall and the collection eventually sold out, making it a one-launch exclusive that will be a classic for days to come.


Logo Design

I was tasked with creating an icon logo to coincide with the company text logo. I started by providing a variety of different options which included key points that represented the company: a dog, and sass! 

By working closely with the company CEO and providing full transparency during the design process, we were able to create this new and timeless icon that represents the company and its standards.

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