Graphic Design and Branding

Virginia Commonwealth University Wellness Resource Center 

This is a collection of some of my favorite graphics, illustrations, and logos created while working as a graphic designer at the Wellness Resource Center at VCU. I aimed to create colorful, inviting illustrations and graphics to create a sense of comfort and openness to the students of the University. The center is a viable resource for students to stay healthy mentally, emotionally, sexually, physically all while remaining educational, informative, friendly and fun!

Yoo Clean

Yoo Clean is a line of chemical free, all natural, organic and multi-purpose cleaning and home products. When assigned to design and brand this company, I was inspired by Korean typography and design. This is due to the fact that the creator of the company was adopted from Korea and had recently discovered and changed her last name to her original Korean name, Yoo. I wanted to capture my clients colorful personality and humbling story of discovering her culture and history. I hand illustrated the ingredients that are included in the products to draw customers in with its unique and detailed design. I use these same illustrations and bright color palette to establish the brand identity while also producing one of a kind promotional and marketing content. 

Moonrocks Gelato

T-shirt design commissioned by Moonrocks Gelato. Located 2400 W Main St, Richmond, VA 23220. For this design, we wanted a design that would stand out simply in black and white but could also be altered with colors to match seasonal holidays and any other color combination to the clients liking. Design was illustrated in Procreate, colored in Adobe Photoshop, and vectorized using Adobe Illustrator.